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voters hit the polls. obama will try to make up for lost time. scheduled to hold rallies in wisconsin, nevada and colorado. showed the two candidates locked in a dead heat tied at 47% each. gop nominee, mitt romney will be back in virginia today. massachusetts governor scheduled to rally. make up visit after he had to cancel three events sunday. mitt romney spent the day in florida yesterday concentrating on hurricane sandy. >> more than 19 million people already have voted in the up coming election by mail or in person. no votes will be counted until november 6th. picked back up in maryland yesterday after a two day suspension. there was a big turn out at polling stations. the voting days and hours were extended through tomorrow because of sandy. >> you know, a lot of things were suspended because of sandy. and we didn't have our weather. >> no, we did not. >> today it's back. >> excellent. we need this. >> and we're going to make up for it by having cuteness in one picture. time now for photo of the day. and today, we say hello to pre-school in german town maryland. >> how cute. >>
the deadline for mail-in ballots. >>> only a few days until americans do head to the polls. and president obama is back on the campaign trail after a pause for sandy. after campaigning in wisconsin, nevada, colorado yesterday, he has three stops in battleground ohio today. tomorrow the president will appear in manassas with bill clinton and singer dave matthews. yesterday's new york mayor michael bloomberg on yesterday endorsed president obama. >>> mitt romney starts the day with a rally in wisconsin and heads to ohio for two more campaign events. he'll join his wife and running mate paul ryan for a rally tonight in westchester, ohio. tony? >>> allison, another election curve ball comes out today, in about 30 minutes the labor department will release the october unemployment report. economists say the nation likely added about 120,000 jobs reflecting a steady, but cautious approach. that would raise the rate slightly from 7.8 #% in september to 7.9% last month. >>> new this morning, a prince george's county delegate will not keep her seat in the maryland state house. that is the finding of an a
days left until voters hit the polls and at least one candidate will be back on the campaign trail. while president obama surveys the east coast, mitt romney will spend the day at rallies in florida. republicans say the nominee needs to walk a careful line showing respect for the storm's casualties and making a case for his bid for the white house. >>> the commonwealth has 13 electoral votes and maryland has three hot button referendum issues on the ballot. joining is robert mccarthy to talk about this. i like the halloween garb. >> keeping with the season, tony. >> i should have done the same. there's a lot going on locally. let's talk about maryland because we're seeing the ads, constantly, particularly on gambling, question 7. we have the same sex marriage issue, and we also have another issue which is -- >> the dream act. >> let's talk about those. >> it let's talk about first what's most likely to pass, which is based on the polls. looks like the dream ak, ballot question 4, which would grant in-state tuition at maryland colleges and universities to undocumented immigrants wh
don't think it really will. in new york, you might see the numbers be a bit smaller. obama is still of course going to carry away with a win with new york. interesting to see the numbers in new york city. a lot of flooding in lower manhattan. curious if the polling stations will be there. >> what about you? >> i think it will affect it a little bit. it's sad what happened. new york and new jersey states that weren't a contest. i don't think it will be too much of an affect. but great to see the president work with the republicans and the whole disaster being a nonpartisan thing. >> let's get over and ask two more students. what do you think about the bromance? do you think that will have an impact on voters when they see them working together? >> i think absolutely. but aside from bridging the divide. the president is using this as a chance to look like a leader. sitting there in that fema chair, he looks like a leader. bringing people together. and encouraging them to fix this mess. >> what about you? >> i think it will definitely have somewhat of an impact. people really hate the
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4

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